WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine Nicotine is an Addictive Chemical.


What is MHRA

The MHRA is the competent authority for a notification scheme for e-cigarettes and refill containers in Great Britain and Northern Ireland and is responsible for implementing the majority of provisions under Part 6 of the Tobacco and Related Products Regulations 2016 (TRPR), as amended.

Product Compliance

Limited Capacity

restrict e-cigarette tanks to a capacity of no more than 2ml and a nicotine strength of no more than 20mg/ml

Packaging and Labeling

Require nicotine-containing products or their packaging to be child-resistant and tamper evident

Ingredient Regulation

Ban certain ingredients including colourings, caffeine and taurine, etc, to be included in the vape.

Market Notice

Require all e-cigarettes and e-liquids be notified and published by the MHRA before they can be sold

Our Commitment to MHRA

We are delighted to update the newest MHRA Products List and make sure all our customers can check it in our website.The So Soul compliance team worked diligently and methodically to make sure that all of our products were notified in conformity with the UK submission system well. Our customers can now buy from us with confidence, safe in the knowledge that our products are fully notified as required by the MHRA.

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